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Moai's award-winning, proven technology and infrastructure with large investments from marquee investors enables a cost effective and efficient delivery of supply chain solutions. The family of solutions include, logistics, sourcing, procurement, spend management, contract management, quality management, and wide variety of Global commerce solutions. Moai's proven success continues to deliver value to Fortune 500 and other clients in eighteen countries and their satisfaction reinforces Proof-in-point. Moai's clients to date have sourced more than $38 billion in goods and engaged in project services that have realized savings of more than $3 billion.

Moai( and has been in business since 1997. It has had significantly huge investments by venture capitalists over the years. The list of marquee VC's includes Merrill Lynch, Seligman Funds, Harbor vest Capital, Walden Ventures, Reuters Venture Fund Red Leaf Vortex as well as customers/strategic investors such as Eastman Chemicals, Accenture, UPS, Intel and HP. Moai's products and technology are used to conduct online RFI, RFP, RFQ and auctions, both for buying as well as selling functions.

MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS of the company

Over 165+ man years of R&D investment in products and technology in the strategic sourcing and procurement products, live exchange products and dozens of B2B products for variety of vertical markets including order and contract mangement functions. Has a marquee customer list including many worldwide Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Eastman Chemical, UPS, Cessna Aircraft, Bell Helicopter, Merill Lynch, Accenture, Textron, Target Department Stores, Mervin Stores, Traconi, Boise Cascade, Office Max, etc and large government customers such as the US ARMY and UK Government.

We have also sold 147 licensees in 18 countries to small and large companies in variety of industries.

Our customers are encouraging us to provide low cost tech enabled buying and selling services at to their small suppliers (estimated to be about 78,00,000). Moai Technolgoies has won several prestigious world wide awards from Industries and Press. Moai Customers have sourced and purchased over $38 Billion of goods and services utilizing Moai's platform and hosted services and have saved over $3 Billion.

MOAI's tools and Services
  • Contract Management, Sourcing & Procurement, Quality Management.
  • Quality Management
  • Spend Management
  • Category Management
  • Logistics & Fullfilment
  • Security & Compliance
  • Supplier/Item Data Mangement
  • Vendor Selections/Management
  • Requisition/Order Management
  • Bill of Materials/Data Cleansing

Moai's strategic supply chain solutions and programs differentiate themselves through Proven Leader in Reverse Auction and RFx: Maoi has helped companies source over $38 Billion for a savings of over $3 Billion.

Leading Innovator in e-Sourcing:   With its founding in 1996, Moai originated the term "e-Sourcing". Today Moai continues to pioneer to meet the needs of our leading-edge customers.

Broad Range of Solutions:   Moai offers everything from introductory e-Sourcing consulting services to a complete in-house enterprise solution. Each phase delivers a higher return on Investment, customization and control in exchange to more customer ownership.

e-Sourcing Tools:   Moai only applies e-Sourcing tools if they are needed not because they are the latest "buzz". And Moai does not recommend a suite of tools when only one or none at all are needed.

Risk Management and Conditions for Success:   Moai believes that adopting a conservative, proactive approach is the "best case" in today's economic environment. One success pays for the next.

Strategy:   Sourcing strategy is the key to cost savings. In fact. Moai is a pioneer and excels in reverse auction strategies, one of the polestars of cost savings. Our Industrial strength auction tool is being used several hundred times a week by one of our G100 clients. Our reverse auction strategists are experts at optimizing and packaging this most important savings step.

Sourcing Performance Tuning & Optimizatin:   Unlike other programs that end with contract management, compliance audits/reviews, or various degress of systems integration, Moai knows that Performance Tuning & Optimization is important to ensure the highest cost reduction yield availabe to you. This often includes post-strategic sourcing discovery as well.

Self-Service and Self-Sufficient:   Other programs provide the tools to make your sourcing provess self-service, but not completely self-sufficient. Moai will ensure that you possess every necessary tool as well as the knowledge and methodologies needed to continue independently.


Supply Chain Solutions
  • Contract Management
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Quality Management
  • Spend Management
  • Category Management
  • Logistics & Fulfillment
  • Security & Compliance
  • Supplier/Item Data Mgmt
  • Vendor Selection Mgmt
  • Requisition/Order Mgmt
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