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"These are core beliefs and values that I have developed over the years and are the basis for Moai's Corporate values. This is what I bring to work everyday and what guides my daily actions."

Ramesh Mehta
President and CEO


The Keys to Both Ours and Our Customer's Success

Customer is King Customers are entitled to the best quality, best service, best technology, and process know-how from Moai. Customers are the CEO's boss.
Innovation Moai leverages our staff's expertise and our relationships with strategic partners, technology leaders and our customers to ensure a solution that best meets our customers needs in a rapidly changing marketplace. We constantly strive to anticipate market needs, improve quality and develop the most innovative technology in the field of e-Sourcing.
Management Philosophy Moai management is encouraged to assume responsibility proactively, to have an informed opinion, to think through issues, and propose new ideas, suggestions and options for action. Employee's efforts are focused for maximum results, and the bottom line to all Moai endeavors is improved customer service and better e-Sourcing software solutions.
Not Politics
At Moai, we understand that only results count. We know that the way to best serve our customers efficiency and successfully is through first-class performance. And, we know that making excuses is wasting time best spent on developing a better solution.
Integrity, First
and Last
Be honest, open and direct - that is a core value at Moai. We act with the utmost integrity, and are guided by what is ethical and right for our customers.
Everyone Sells We value our customers - they create jobs, pay our bills, and give value to our stock. Everyone in our company is passionate about helping our current customers and finding new ones.



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