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Moai Releases CompleteSource v5.1 Solution for e-Sourcing


Customer Driven Changes Vastly Enhance Application Usability and Experience

PITTSBURGH, November 2, 2008 – Moai Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of sourcing consulting services and technology-enabled solutions, today announced the release of CompleteSourceTM 5.1, a sourcing management tool with enhanced new capabilities for performing a range of additional functions. This major enhancement of CompleteSource demonstrates Moai’s commitment to continue to adapt and change the product to meet customer’s needs.

“The new functions and capabilities in v5.0 were once again totally customer driven and vastly improves the usability of the product“ said Ramesh Mehta, Moai’s President/CEO.

Specific enhancements of CompleteSource v5.0 include:

·        Message Manager

·        Executive Role

·        Additional out-of-the-box languages

·        Bid ranking

·        Automatic screen refresh

·        Real-time, buyer driven changes to TLC/TCA

·        Enhanced Currency Converter Support

·        Improved Sourcing UI


As with previous releases, CompleteSource v5.0 is fully scalable and offers its users the level of control they desire — at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Moai’s customers have the flexibility to use CompleteSource v5.0 as part of a hosted solution or as a software solution that can be customized and integrated with other applications within the supply chain infrastructure.


About Moai Technologies
Founded in 1996, Moai Technologies is a provider of sourcing consulting services and technology-enabled solutions that allow corporations and e-Marketplaces to realize the maximum savings possible through e-Sourcing. Moai’s solutions can be customized and scaled to meet the needs of large and mid-sized organizations, no matter where they are in their strategic sourcing process. Moai has licensed its solutions to more than 145 customers in 18 countries from a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, forest products, chemicals and metals. Through strategic e-Sourcing, Moai’s customers have sourced more than $11 billion in goods and services, and have realized savings of more than $1 billion. Moai investors include market leaders such as Redleaf Group, Harbourvest Venture Partners, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Merrill Lynch, Reuters and UPS. For more information, visit Moai online at


For more information, contact:
Ramesh Mehta
Moai Technologies, Inc.



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