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The Role of Technology in Strategic Sourcing: You can't be Asleep at the Switch

Seminar Abstract:

The velocity of strategic sourcing benefits, new technology and attendant analytic processes continues to outpace adoption rates as third parties race to provide new methods and tools to capture needed cost reduction for businesses. This seminar explores what is currently occurring, what is on the event horizon and what lies beyond. We will discuss what is needed to stay contemporary with new e-Sourcing tools, the processes they impact and the necessary organizational changes required to propel implementation efficiency and effectiveness to the new heights promised.

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Self Service Strategic Sourcing - Costs, Benefits and Results
Seminar Abstract:

Most sourcing service providers can be divided into two categories:
full-service solution providers, offering commodity consulting services with enabling auction and eRFx technology, and self-service ASP providers, offering do-it-yourself commodity work and auction/eRFx technology. There are opportunity costs with both of these models that may offset their benefits. Full-service solutions can be expensive, due to commissions and long-term consulting contracts. Conversely, self-service models do not provide the guidance that many companies need in order to effectively procure specific commodities, use eRFx tools and develop auction strategies.

The wave of the e-Sourcing future is the Just-in-Time Sourcing (JITS)
model, which provides the best of both worlds by integrating consulting
expertise with do-it-yourself technology in a more cost-effective solution. Regardless of where a customer is in the e-Sourcing process, this hybrid model will lead them through the path of efficiently negotiating with vendors, securing reliable supply and lowering sourcing costs.

Attend this free webinar to learn how costs and benefits of the JITS model compare to those of full-service and self-service models. Our eSourcing consultant will profile an ideal candidate for the hybrid model and discuss the results companies expect versus what they are actually achieving with this model.

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