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Course Length:
Three half-days, online
Event of offering administrators who maintain offerings on a CompleteSource site
Data Administrators who perform tasks such as category creation and setting of user permissions at the CompleteSource site
System architects who plan the integration of CompleteSource with other systems
This class provides basic training on how to use the CompleteSource End User Interface (EUI), the Offering Administration Tool and the Data Administration Tool. It has five main sections:
A description of the features of the Moai products; the hardware requirements and options; an overview of the system architecture and ways to easily modify it; an overview of selected features available in the EUI.
An introduction to the basic concepts of Moai products utilized by the end user. This includes the types of offerings available for buying and selling goods and services and options to customize the behavior of those offerings.
A tour of the EUI via a live CompleteSource site, including hands-on experience creating and bidding on a variety of offerings.
A tour of the Offering Administration Tool, including hands-on experience creating bidding parameters and offering templates, as well as modifying bid parameters, offerings and offering templates.
A tour of the relevant portions of the System Administration Tool, including hands-on experience creating uses, user groups, categories and setting permissions.
Prerequisite Courses:
Prerequisite Skills:
Participants must be experienced with:
Basic browser interfaces, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, including actions such as entering URLs, submitting data and following links
Windows Explorer, including navigation through the file system and moving documents within the file system via Windows Explorer.

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