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Performance Assessment and Tuning

Performance Assessment

Performance assessment goes a step beyond standard load testing services. Certified CompleteSource integrators know how the application server should behave and will conduct a full verification of system bottlenecks and behavior. Assessment reports with performance numbers are essential for strategic and technical planning. Our reports, however, also include intimate configuration knowledge and suggestions for immediate performance gains. While we cannot promise performance increases with the assessment service, we have made them every time we have done the service.

Services Provided
Requirements gathering - load expectations, hardware and configuration (both current and future), high level code review.
Setup and configuration of a performance testing server for projects taken in-house by Moai Technical Implementation Services.
Load testing.
Documentation of load testing results.
Delivery of load testing results along with recommendations for enhancements.

Peformance Tuning

Following a Performance Assessment project or a Code Review, Moai consultants can implement the enhancements they have recommended, leveraging their familiarity with your implementation from the previous step.
Services Provided
Implementation and QA based on existing recommendations.
Follow-up Performance Assessment to demonstrate improvement.



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