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Moai’s strategic sourcing programs
differentiate themselves through:
Proven Leader in Reverse Auction and RFx: Moai has helped companies source over $38 billion for a savings of over $3 billion.
Leading Innovator in e-Sourcing: With its founding in 1996, Moai originated the term “e-Sourcing.” Today Moai continues to pioneer to meet the needs of our leading-edge customers.
Broad Range of Solutions: Moai offers everything from introductory e-Sourcing consulting services to a complete in-house enterprise solution. Each phase delivers a higher Return on Investment, customization and control in exchange to more customer ownership.
e-Sourcing Tools: Moai only applies e-Sourcing tools if they are needed - not because they are the latest “buzz.” And Moai does not recommend a suite of tools when only one – or none at all – are needed.
Risk Management and Conditions for Success: Moai believes that adopting a conservative, proactive approach is the “best case” in today’s economic environment. One success pays for the next.
Strategy: Sourcing strategy is the key to cost savings. In fact, Moai is a pioneer and excels in reverse auction strategies – one of the polestars of cost savings. Our industrial strength auction tool is being used several hundred times a week by one of our G100 clients. Our reverse auction strategists are experts at optimizing and packaging this most important savings step.
Sourcing Performance Tuning & Optimization: Unlike other programs that end with contract management, compliance audits/reviews, or various degrees of systems integration, Moai knows that Performance Tuning & Optimization is important to ensure the highest cost reduction yield available to you. This often includes post-strategic sourcing discovery as well.
Self-Service and Self-Sufficient: Other programs provide the tools to make your sourcing process self- service, but not completely self- sufficient. Moai will ensure that you possess every necessary tool, as well as the knowledge and methodologies needed, to continue independently.

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